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Over a year ago I left the life of 9-5 to follow my passion of fine art painting and make a living at it. This new life has had its ups and downs for sure. So far this is what I can tell you about what I love and hate about being an artist:


I love….

–  the satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment it brings when I nail what I wanted to create, or when the painting turns into something quite different from what I’d intended and with surprisingly wonderful bits.

–  the feel of the paint under my brush… so much so that I need to get my fingers in the painting at some point (not great when using Cadmium reds etc.!).

–  the feelings when I get a “wow!” when someone looks at my latest “masterpiece”, or when they make a purchase. It is, frankly, a wonderful mix of pride and relief!

–  that I can make something flat turn into 3D; create light and texture where there really is none and that I can evoke mood and feeling.


I hate/love….

–  the fact that I have knelt on the floor bent over a commission painting I’ve already finished to “tweak” something (a face) to “get it just right”…. for 5 hours!! The astonishing part is that it felt like 10 minutes. It was only when I stopped that I noticed my aching back and knees and that I was dehydrated and ravenous.

–  that I am a natural DABBLER! I love to paint so many different things in different approaches that sticking to one particular style is not easy for me.

– the doubt and anxiety that inevitably comes during the “ugly/awkward” stage of each painting, and the fact that some of them never really emerge from it.

– that it is such a challenge to sell enough paintings to make a living, despite talent and effort.

– that for the good, the bad, and the ugly, I am determined to make this work!


No wonder paintings can evoke a variety of feelings from on-lookers, for what is poured into each piece is a true roller-coaster of emotions.



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