I happily do commissioned work! My rates are $1.35 - $2.00/square inch depending on the intricacy and size of the piece. To inquire about commissioning a painting, please email me at janetmcdonaldart(at)

Having never commissioned art before I didn't really know where to start. It had been 15 years of dreaming about a painting of our wedding day that had not been captured on print. When I saw Janet's natural luminescent work with light I knew instantly that I had met the right artist. Janet made the process easy. She took my ideas, a bunch of not quite right wedding photos, and added her magic to the canvas. Being a part of the decision making process at just the right amount and then trusting in Janet's amazing gift of intuition combined with her artistry made the painting come alive. The painting not only surpassed the uniqueness and beauty of our wedding day it also brilliantly and almost mystically captured our family's heart. Nestled in a boat is the blended image of my sister and her late son - a detail that arrived unexpectedly on unveiling day. Picture perfect. Artist? Absolutely! However there is something more here. I ask you - How many people do you know that can create light? .......... Donna Forsyth"The Wedding" Testimonial