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Before I re-discovered my love of art, psychology was a passion of mine, and in fact the subject of my undergraduate degree (from the University of Guelph). I’d always toyed with the idea of becoming a counsellor, but it never seemed like quite the right fit. Last year, I finally decided to take Life Coach training to further my desire and ability to help people. I completed the training last Fall through CTI, thinking that I would become a Life Coach. What became clear was that I was most interested in combining coaching with my art! Over the years I’ve been toying with the idea of creating visual tools to help people with their personal development goals, and now this is finally becoming a reality for me.

On June 8-12th, 2015 my co-conspirator, Jan Moore, and I will be offering a RETREAT entitled “ARTFUL LIVING. SOULFUL WORK”. It’s aimed at women of all ages, and particularly Boomer women who are unfulfilled by their job and looking for a life and work change that will bring greater meaning and satisfaction into their lives.

In fact, we just completed a Shaw Cable TV interview as part of “The Show”, about the RETREAT and benefits participants will take away with them, specifically: support in creating a flexible, meaningful, profitable, lifestyle action plan! Primarily, my contribution to this retreat is leading art projects that will serve as visual reminders and connectors to participant’s life dreams.

As I’m creating visual tools and projects to help people further their dreams, I was excited to read an article in Psychology Today magazine (Jan. 29, 2014) entitled: Why a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words: Lessons for Goal Setting. It cites a recent Michigan State University study that suggests that adding a visual component to our goal-setting exercises may bring even stronger results. ALWAYS GOOD TO HAVE RESEARCH BACKING UP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! YAY!

I continue my fine art painting, as that is something I can’t live without now, and this new piece just fits in like IT WAS MEANT TO BE! Amazing the way the universe works!

Pssssst…. If you want more info about our “ARTFUL LIVING. SOULFUL WORK.” RETREAT, please go to Jan Moore’s website www.workonyourownterms.com or  www.janetmcdonaldart.com and click on the “Events” tab.




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